Saponificio Varesino v Martin De Candre ?

I would rank them equally too.

I really like the original MDC Scent and I have never seen a soap that performs like it , if it sees a wet brush at 20 paces it starts to produce lather :)

I also love S.V. Soaps too as I find they perform extremely well as well , they have some nice scents too ( I liked Mani de Sicilia when I first had it but then went of it, but the others I have tried I love , 70th , Dolomiti , Felece Aromatica, Optunia and Stella Alpina).

On the price point thing the MDC is more expensive but for a larger container and it really does last as you don't need much of it at all.

They are both extremely Good Soaps in my opinion. Shave Dash do samples of both of their full ranges.
Thanks for that. Just placed and order for a few samples from both companies. Awaiting their arrival with great expectations
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