Samples Help

I know of the chap behind as above.
Bloom also have a great reputation.
If you’re around London it’s apparently worth your time to visit Jovoy, they do great scents and are generous with samples from what I’ve seen.
Another one if you’re looking specifically at creed fragrances is
I’ve chatted with Tom (behind this site) before and bought decants from him and he’s been a pleasure to deal with.
Otherwise, ask around! Some people here might have the scents, and means, to give you samples. :)

What is it you’re looking for?
I'm looking at aftershaves at the moment (i.e. proper shaving focused ones, not designer fragrances) and really struggling to fine samples of anything available. There are sample sites, but they're geared to EDTs and the like, not aftershave like we know aftershave.

I'm interested in samples of the types of things here, for instance, ... I don't want to buy blind, even given the relatively affordable cost of these aftershaves compared to bottles of EDT.

I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking of sinking my own money into this and providing a samples service, because other than 1 ebay seller with a small selection, there doesn't seem to be any way to try anything out.

Does anybody know of anywhere doing this in the UK/EU?
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