S.O.T.D. Saturday 11 th June to Friday 17th June 2016

Kent UK
Thur 16th June

Omega 11126 boar
Star-Kampfe Bros Lather catcher
Gem S/S [ 1 ] + 1/2 Spine shim
Alum Rub/Rinse Off
Jaguar Prestige A/S lotion

Have not used this razor for a while , so perhaps should not have used a fresh blade. Found it to be quite aggressive , and was not at all comfortable with it. I managed by trying too hard to get a good finish to draw blood in a couple of places. Overall a very patchy shave was achieved.

I think that this handsome razor is best left to those who are able to condition the original blades made for this razor. Think for me, it is one for show only !

PS Will give it a try with worn in Blade & No Shim,when face has recovered. Not been like this since my early days .

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No photo, but my first decent, care taken shave in a long while!

EJ89 head on custom handle made by a guy on here a while back who's name escapes me. Apologies, but its a top handle! Paired with a fresh Rapira blade.

Big ol' omega barbershop brush.

Cella. Forgot how good this stuff is. Expected it to have gone funny, but it still works great after 3 years!

Finished off with Professor Blighty pear shaving tonic. Two passes, wtg and atg. Beautiful.
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