Rolex Submariner homages

West Country
Nothing naffer than a fake Rolex imho. Homage yes, because the Submariner design was 'borrowed' from the Blancpain 50 Fathoms, in any case. Have a look at Nite Watches, a Christchurch UK company that uses Swiss quartz movements in their Alpha range. A quality Swiss quartz in a good divers case and bracelet will last 25 years + as long as you have the watch pressure tested at each battery change. I have owned a couple of Omega Seamaster Quartzs, the first one, circa 1979 kept to within 10 seconds a year.
You might like to have a look on the Steinhart website at the Ocean One black ceramic at around €430 or perhaps the Certina action diver which is a little more expensive. Both mechanical watches with Swiss movements.
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