Rolex Submariner homages

I'm interested in buying a divers watch - nothing to fancy, but practical. Do like the look of the Submariner homages, such as the Invicta Pro Diver or Loreo.

Any recommendations or experiences? Needless to say, I don't have 8k for a Rolex ;)
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Scurfa Diver One. Enough like a Submariner to have the same kind of feel without looking like a copy, 500m WR, sapphire crystal, lot of watch for the money. They're designed by a commercial diver who uses one himself. They're also not well known outside the watch nerd community so you're unlikely to see another one.

If you're after an automatic I'd go for a Steinhart.

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If you can get your budget to around £300 (or more) you will get a watch with a good movement and much better strap, often the weakest part of inexpensive watches. I've been wearing a Seiko Turtle for a few years, tough as old boots and Day Date and timing bezel.
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Maybe 15 years ago I was looking into a homage for that Rolex model and ran across the site Bill Yau operated. Interesting place and back then his watches had a good reputation. Just checked and he's still up and running, but I somehow resisted spending time there. Name of the place is MKll so take a look and read some current reviews and see whatcha think. Not cheap I will bet, but some intriguing options available.

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