Rockwell Razors (6S/6C): A Three Year Follow-up Review...


Hello Gents,

I’ve been using the Rockwell 6S as my main razor for over 3 years now so thought I’d post a follow-up on my original reviews.

Here is my original 6S review:

My 6S and 6C review:

The 6C is my permanent travel kit razor. We don’t travel very often however, when we do travel, it’s usually long stays at relatives homes so I definitely need to take my best gear with me, not just something to get me by because in one stretch, we could be away from home for 2+ months!

The 6S stays safely at home but the 6C gives me basically the same shave in terms of comfort and closeness.

I have been traditional wetshaving for a decade now and since I got the Rockwell 6S, it has been my favourite razor or all time. I did get the brass Karve razor which is also wonderful but the Rockwell is still my favourite razor, mainly due to the cutting angle and the heavy head, which allows me to complete my 3.5 passes with fewer strokes and maximum comfort.

The matte bead-blasted look is still my favourite. I really like matte finish items (not just razors) and this fits the bill perfectly. The balance of the razor is fantastic despite the heavy head. The balance point is also at a very comfortable position on the handle and this allows me to hold the razor with comfort.

I generally use mine on the 6 plate and I always get a close, comfortable shave. The 5 plate is also excellent if I want a slightly milder shave. On the 6C however, I use only plate 6 because it is slightly lighter than the 6S so I tend to find the 6C requires one plate above the 6S to get the same result. Both razors shave very comfortably!

Value for money can’t be beat! The 6C for $50 and the 6S for $100 are a couple of the best deals in the traditional shaving market right now! I always recommend the 6C to newbies because it gives the flexibility to find the correct setting without having to purchase multiple razors. I wish I had this option when I started out ten years ago! I always read go for mild razors as a newbie and they either gave me a horrible shave or I applied pressure to get a closer shave. I have heavy growth so the often recommended tech, 34C, DE89 razors were completely unsuitable for me. It wasn’t until I got a Merkur Progress that I experienced what so many gushed about in regards to the results of using a DE razor.

I will continue to use my Rockwell razors and look forward to what they have to offer in the future.

You can also check out my Model T review here:

I purposefully didn’t discuss it here as it is a totally different style of razor and I wanted to concentrate on the 6S/6C.

The Rockwell Brothers chilling out:

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