Rockwell 6c

Well, all i can say is.....these guys got it right. Very impressed with this razor!

Its almost idiot proof......The shave is so smooth and irritation free. Very efficient!

Well done to Rockwell for producing a great razor.

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It's the one I have also and yes it's almost idiot proof :D it works great
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]It's the one I have also and yes it's almost idiot proof :D it works great

It's not quite idiot proof. The thread on the Rockwells is Imperial 10/32, like all the Gillettes and the Karve. The widely accepted standard these days is Metric M5. M5 is a slightly larger thread. So M5 handles will fit onto 10/32 heads, as we know - they feel slightly looser as you turn the handle onto the cap but they fit OK. But try and fit a 10/32 handle onto a M5 head and you may have issues, since the fit is tighter. It may not fit at all, or even worse you could strip the thread of the 10/32 handle if it's Zamak. I've seen reports of the thread going on 6C handles and I don't know exactly why, but one possibility is that the owner tried to fit the handle on a M5 head. So no - not idiot proof. Not that we're idiots but not everyone is aware of these thread differences. You can try out the 6C handle on a Gillette head or a Karve, but I wouldn't risk trying it on any of the common M5 systems.

Why anyone would want to design a 10/32 system in a world of M5 thread razors is a mystery to me. Makes no sense. In any case the metric system is so much easier to work with I fail to see why the whole world hasn't converted to it.
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Another one who cannot quite understand why not play ball with the rest of the world and use the standard M.5? I know Americans still in the main use nearly extinct measurement units but at least Ikon, Timeless, ATT (or at least I presume) and no doubt a few others have bothered to go metric why not join in?

Then again here we are in the UK and use a right odd ball mix.
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