[REVIEW] The Rockwell 6S....Dressed-up In a Black Tux!


Hey Guys,

As some of you may already know, I’m a huge fan of Rockwell razors. I have had all their models (except the R1) and the 6S remains my favourite razor of all time in terms of overall looks, efficiency, comfort (and customer service).

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I never thought to myself that Rockwell could do anything to improve on the perfection that is the 6S…and then they brought out the Black PVD coated 6S!!!!!!

I mean, the moment I saw the Black 6S, I just knew I had to have it! It was perfection squared!!

So, when I received the razor, I tore open the packaging (a bit too roughly) and this modern “black beauty” lay before me…

I have been traditional wet-shaving since 2008 and since I got the original Rockwell 6S in May of 2016, it has been my favourite razor or all time, due to the cutting angle and the heavy head, which allows me to complete my 3.5 passes with fewer strokes and maximum comfort.

The original matte bead-blasted look has always been a favourite of mine. The only thing that can improve on this is with the matte black coating! I wish more things in life would be available in matte black.

The interesting thing I noted about the PVD coating is that it seems to be hydrophobic. Once I’m done with the shave and go to wipe down the razor, I have noticed that there is much less water on it (or inside the head). I don’t know if this is a feature of PVD coatings but it was an interesting observation I thought to share.

Also, being a matte black finish, lime/soap scum will show up more. But it was really to clean with a soft toothbrush. I generally clean my razors once a month as I don't believe I need to baby them too much given the resilience of the material.

I generally use the Rockwells on the 6 plate and I always get a close, comfortable shave. The 5 plate is also excellent if I want a slightly milder shave. The difference in comfort between the 5 and 6 is marginal so the drop down to 5 is only when my beard growth is a bit lesser than my usual 24 hours, otherwise I just stick with the 6.

I have read many comments about the other plates going to waste if a shaver doesn’t use them all. My simple response to this is the 6S is a full stainless razor that gives all the plates for the one price of $99 ($130 for the Black) so I really don’t understand the negative comments about this given that each separate plate has to be purchased with other multi-plate razors on the market.

Not only is the Rockwell great value for money but even if one sticks to the same setting, it’s still good to have the other settings available. For example, when I use a Feather blade, it’s the only time I reach for the 4 plate.

So for those wondering about the 6S Black, I would say it’s really a personal preference. It shaves exactly the same as the original 6S. The same excellent quality, comfort, efficiency etc. But the Black PVD coating definitely gives the razor a wonderfully elegant look.

Both the Original 6S and the Black are definitely my “for life” razors and I'm looking forward to what they bring out next!!
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