Recommend a soundbar?

Hi guys,
about to upgrade my ancient TV and been advised to get a soundbar to accompany the TV. Can you recommend a good quality, value for money soundbar?
Looking in the region of £150, but I'm a COMPLETE technophobe so I may be way off the mark with my expectations!:D
Or, as someone once said, 'No highs, no lows, it must be Bose.' But it's a TV, for God's Sake!
All my family quote that one!

For large PA equipment, it rings true, but the aviation headsets are superb, although very expensive.

BOSE have latched onto a set sound that the average person thinks, or has been told, is good quality. If a person is open minded, that can be disproved, but they have just spent a fortune, so don't like being told they are wrong.

The L1 is good in a small acoustic environment, but I spent a whole gig trying to figure out a low hum once. I also had problems with an ex Radio 1 roadshow caravan that had BOSE 802 cabinets, that also had a low hum problem.

I would put anything DIY built following Bill Fitzmaurice plans up against the equivalent BOSE.

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