Stunning real horn handles, choose from 'Generation 2' synthetic fibre or high quality Silvertip badger hair. The handles were lathe turned and polished individually, expect slight variances in size and shape. The colours on each handle vary from pale blonde to black, each handle is unique. The brushes benefit from a generous knot of hair with a 50mm loft and 20mm knot.
With regards to the synthetic fibre brushes: Please note this hair is nothing like the prickly, cheap synthetic hair used on the Wilkinson Sword brushes that Tesco and Boots sell. This is a very high grade synthetic fibre which mimics badger hair in many ways. In fact in many ways this grade of hair is better than badger certainly for travel as the hair dries almost instantly. Furthermore this type of hair is not prone to shedding and it does not suffer from the dreaded 'damp dog' smell often associated with badger hair brushes.
These brushes are excellent value for money: £40.00 which includes a free drip stand.
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