Razor stand advice needed.

Sunday September 30, 2018
Hello. I recently purchased an Edwin Jagger Loxley Imitation Ivory 2 Piece Set. See here:


I was reasonably happy with the razor, though I wish it was a little bit heavier, but not very happy with the stand. I ended up giving it to someone else, as I felt regularly putting the razor in and out of the stand was damaging the razor blade. I am now looking for a new razor stand, but want to be 100% sure it is compatible with my razor. I really don't want it to be bad fit. This is the sort of stand I am after:


Anything like that I would be very happy with and I am very grateful for any advice on what I should get. Thank you.
Sunday September 30, 2018
I will make further enquiries then. I don't want to have gone to all the trouble of forking out on a nice razor, then end up without a stand I am very happy with.
Friday April 22, 2016
I’ve got a Muhle stand that I purchased with my de89. I’ve long since sold the razor. Send me a pm if you are interested in the stand. I can send you pictures.
Saturday November 17, 2018
Hello everyone, I would like to avoid opening a new post for a similar (though different in needs) question. I am looking for a razor stand that could be universally used. My main rotation razors are a Gillette Tech, a faith piccolo and a Wilkinson classic. Beside the Wilki, the others are fairly short razor. I can't find online something that seems to be a good fit. The ones that look slightly better, have also a brush stand, but I use am Omega 83 (the Proraso version) which is fairly thick, and I don't think it will fit (I have an official omega stand and it doesn't fit in it). Any suggestions?
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