Razor Bumps/Ingrown Hairs

Regards; Shaving with a blade is always a rash. An aggression for the skin.

The best is always the best hydration; before, during and after shaving.

I recommend before putting the foam on the face, be generous with a mixture of oil (90% sunflower + 10% olive).

A good razor in your case would be a SCHICK KRONA and use only passes in favor of North-South hair and side passes. Always apply 20 drops of oil before applying the shaving foam between each pass.

You already tell us.
Have you considered adding an additional product to your pre shave routine? such as an oil, balm etc? Possibly giving some extra glide. I'm very new to this myself but there's no doubt DE needs more thorough preparation in comparison to cartridges.

Also how many soaps/creams have your tried? I used Proraso Red to begin with and found that it didn't always give me the cushion/glide that I required for a great shave. I switched to Arko and got instantly more comfortable shaves. I'm not blaming the proraso as I'm still developing my technique but a really good performer like arko I've found more forgiving. Just because your existing prep and set up works on cartridges doesn't necessarily mean it's enough for your skin on DE.
I tried the Proasso sensitive pre shave and it didn't make any difference, if anything it was very drying on the skin. I haven't tried an oil type product, which could be a good shout indeed.
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