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sunny canvey in the Y-UK
American Sniper : good film well directed all but one scene (sandstorm but couldn't see anything)
Based on a true story of 160+ sniper killings by one man then killed at home in the US by another ex soldier but never said how or why bit of a disappointment but overall 7/10
His book was better.
James Bond specter in the morning , crap no real story only watched all of it hoping it was going to get better, it was kinda like he had already given up the part 4/10
We watched Creed last night, dam good film stallone played his part well, make up team made him look his age ,as botox makes him look nothing like himself. Baggy clothes put about 8 stone on him. Good story well directed 8/10 film all day long.
Mocking jay part 2 this arvo

Sutton, Surrey
Saw Batman v Superman yesterday. Not ass bad as the critics made out, but still not great from a comic book geek's perspective...

Affleck better than expected as Batman.
I liked Wonder Woman, although she should've been more muscular and I liked the introduction of other Justice league members (Although it irks me that the Flash is not going to be the same one from the TV series...)
I liked Wonder Woman, although she should've been more muscular
Jez, the 'superhero' music they played when she finally introduced herself as Wonder Woman was something else... I was expecting a dance troop of biker leather clad, muscular men with handlebar moustaches to appear behind her doing some sort of groin pumping gyrations combined with air guitar/head banging motions.
I watched Star Wars again (partially fell asleep in cinema first time). Maybe I missed something? Meh, no I didn't although I liked Ray's performance and she'll be able to carry future films this is clearly the first of many. I loved what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek but this is just another Disney franchise relaunch for another generation and I do not care. Ford finally got his wish to be killed off and he deserved it with his hamstrung delivery, lets hope Hamil gets the same treatment in the next one.
Watched "Forsaken".
A rather by-the-book, slow paced western - which in all fairness isn't really a bad thing.
You like steak. Sometimes you crave steak so you eat it. It was predictably good.

I'd give it a 7/10 for good all around acting and beautifully shot..but taking off a point or two for the unoriginal plot :)

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