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Watched The Last Jedi this morning. I really enjoyed it. I found it be spectacular, funny and poignant. I'm not a shamed to say there were tears rolling down my face in one scene.

...did I mention spectacular? Well worth a watch on the big screen.
The Handmaiden: "Psychological erotic thriller" according to the blurb and it really is! The film is shown in two parts Part 1 from the Handmaiden's point of view and Part 2 from her Mistress's point of view. Excellent film from the bloke who gave us Oldboy. Thriller, love story and crime caper with a fair chunk of sauciness for good measure 8/10. One I'll watch again.

The Man from Nowhere: Another Korean tour de force, beautifully shot and well judged thriller. The action is visceral and again the cinematography and score lift the whole thing. There are a couple of Far Eastern schmaltz moments thrown in but they don't really detract and Bin Won is excellent as the protagonist going from pretty boy to broken man to lethal weapon without breaking the submersion. One of my favourite films. 8/10
Two recents for me, contrary to my usual lack of cinema-going;

Death of Stalin - Dark, dry, hilariously tongue-in-cheek and with a fantastic cast. Very well shot and has you laughing at stuff you probably (read: definitely) shouldn't. Very much up my street, wasn't too long a film which is a usual gripe of mine. Very good and would wholeheartedly recommend. 9/10.

The Last Jedi - I'm with @Blackmass on this, it's really quite touching in places. I found it very much in the same style as the Disney Star Wars films (well, obviously) but with a bit more humour thrown in for some good measure. Found it slightly tricky to keep my eyes focussed on some of the faster scenes but enjoyed the film as a whole. 9/10.
From another site - I forgot to post it at the time.
Movies not worth watching - Alien Covenant - Blah blah yet more of the same stuff- why would you do that on an unexplored planet? why aren't they wearing environment suits? Why are they splitting up? Now they know it's super fucking dangerous and they are still splitting up! God what an obvious plot twist! Why am even watching this? Apparently I turned it off within half an hour of the end, which is a testament to the cinematography rather than the plot.

Movie maybe worth watching: Logan - Everyone is old! and broken....and miserable. Ooh that was violent! Ooh he swore! Goodness so did he!!
He died! They died! She died...Jesus do they all die?
Did I enjoy that? Would I watch it again? Have I got any booze in?

If you like Luc Besson.
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: Think Fifth Element style with updated visuals and effects and slightly less for laughs like Luc aimed for sophistication. And less charismatic leads, no multipass, poor baddy but lots of homage to Sci Fi movies and some amusement.
Cara D does OK but all her faces have been rehearsed in front of the mirror. Good fun romp with only minor need for brain activity.

I've been gorging on films recently, some good some turned off quite rapidly. I'll ignore the really dire ones

Manchester by the Sea: No happy endings here. I knew nothing about it and it just drew me, in fantastic acting from all concerned and an excellent script. Grief and desolation beautifully brought out with no schmaltz.

The Time Traveller's Wife: Bit of a shot in the dark this one, an ironing experiment. Strangely enjoyable, good acting, reasonable story lifted by the lack of pseudo scientific explanation or attempts to resolve the paradoxes. Not a classic by any means but a good ironing movie.

Kong: Skull Island - Not half as poop as I thought it would be. Really a string of promising moments, good scenes, fine cinematography separated by very average tosh. Samuel L. J. doing his crazed routine, suicidal helicopter pilots, mad professor types, half assed attempts to make you care about the cannon fodder. Shame really but still sort of watchable.

Wonder Woman: Again not great but watchable, the whole weird accents and boob armour for the Amazon's was disappointing but the action was OK. A few giggles from the culture clash moments, the WWI combat and the bad guys. Not as good as the critics led me to believe though.

Suicide Squad: Again not half as poop as I thought going in. Bit all over the place but by the end of it I was rooting for the 'good' guys though the bad guy's were so obviously paper thin vehicles for the whole bonding/redemption thing. Still not bad really.

Hacksaw Ridge: The first bit with yon laddie growing up and struggling to be accepted as a conscie in the infantry was probably the best bit. By the time you get to the battle you know he's going to shine. The battle stuff is confusing, though as gory and harrowing as you expect but nothing new really. The fact that you know that, basically, it's a true story is really what makes it work and leaves you shocked. Makes you wonder if the schmaltz bits are true though...

Despicable Me 3: Not as good as the first but worth borrowing some kids for.

And as an illustration that kids have very poor taste - Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?! - Truly dreadful in just about anyway you could possibly think of, acting, script; one long screaming pile of awfulness. British kids singing with American accents, terrible morals and ethics on show - even the kids (who thoroughly enjoyed it) called out the lying, cheating and fraud going on.
Carl Theodor Dryer’s ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’. Silent classic and Falconetti is superb. All close up and raw emotion. The execution is harrowing. Remastered for Blu-Ray and at correct ratio of frames per second.

Another classic...John Barrymore in ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ . The 1920s version is arguably the best. The early morphing scenes are done with no make-up. Just facial distortions; to the extent that Barrymore allegedly dislocated his jaw.
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