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North Wales
IMO, it's criminal Andrew Dominik has only made 1 proper film since then. In addition to Brad Pitt, the supporting cast is genuinely superb. I thought Brad Pitt was excellent in Tree of Life as well (a film with a lot of flaws but the good parts are sublime)

I can understand why Jesse James bombed, the film is too slow, doesn't have enough action, blah blah blah. IMO, it's one of the finest films in the last 20 years. I wish more films like that were made, ones that take a risk, have a solid screenplay, good actors, great storytelling, no bells and whistles (eg lyra costumes, CGI) but viewers who want this are in the minority.
'Dolomite is my name'

5 out of 10

I ain't no Barry Norman
That film is the pits, had to switch it off!

Watch this if you haven't already
Didn't know about this one so going to dig it out and have a look. It will be better than Pitt's Ad Astra which I also recently saw and thought fell well short of potential.
I enjoyed Togo at the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed Willem Dafoe's performance, so I decided to watch The Lighthouse. Absolutely appalling pretentious nonsense.
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