Quick Question.

I'm looking to pick up some of your fab shaving soap in the very near future. Have you stopped producing the hard soap? I wanted to purchase a couple of rounds of the French Lavender hard soap, but I see it is out of stock and when I click on it I see the message 'This product is no longer in stock'. Has it been, in effect, replaced by the Signature range?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I was hoping to buy the hard soap for myself and friend as a present because I was singing its praises to him.

Many thanks.
Sharon makes her soap in small ish batches, so some times it takes some time to remake some of her more popular ones, best thing is to go to her web page and ping an email to her I'd do it for you but she's got a restraing order on me :rolleyes:
Aah, thanks JohnnyO. I feel like I've been through a deep winter of discontent, and have now reappeared from the darkness into which I had slumped. Those short dark days do my head in.
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