Proraso shaving mug / bowl

Silly Suffolk
I'm considering to buy a Prosaro shaving mug.
But I wonder if it works well with my brushes.
My brushes are almost 11cm, the mug has a diameter of 11,5cm and a height of 8cm.

Thx in advance.
When you say your brushes are almost 11cm, what dimension are you measuring? I'm guessing overall length.

I have several china or earthenware bowls/mugs/scuttles which range from an inside diameter (at the top) of 10cm, up to 14cm by way of 11cm, 11.5cm etc. Most are around the 11cm or slightly less depth. My favourites are the Giles Shaving bowls, which are, to me, perfect in every respect (size, weight, handle, shape, lathering ability).

The main thing I try to avoid is a bowl/mug/brush combination where the brush rattles loudly on the sides of the receptacle. It makes no difference to its lathering abilities, but is irritating in a china mug. It probably wouldn't be so bad in a plastic mug, and if I've understood your brush sizing correctly, the Proraso should be OK.

Proraso are an excellent brand, and the apothecary mug looks good, and about the right dimensions. It's also not expensive, and, if I were in your position, I'd buy one anyway.
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