Proraso Daune DE Razor, Travel Set, Aftershave Balm New Style Bottle and Tenax Pomade

Ian T

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A replenishment of Proraso has arrived at our Dundee shaving shop including a few new items of note.

The Daune double edge (Shavette style) safety razor from Proraso. A classic design of safety razor still used by traditional barbers throughout Italy.

Proraso refreshing aftershave balm in the new style glass bottle Menthol and Eucalyptus.

This handy travel set containing a mini sized boar hair shaving brush a 15ml jar of pre-shave and a 10ml tube of shaving cream (both refreshing Eucalyptus and Menthol variety) also included is a 25ml bottle of aftershave balm for sensitive skin.

Tenax water soluble pomade extra strong hold with shine - green tin, strong hold with shine - yellow tin and strong hold matte - white tin.

Also included in our order was a recommended by Proraso window sticker which is now proudly displayed on the door of our shop.


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