Price Advice: Fatboy and Slim

I am thinking about selling my Gillette Fatboy and Slim (needs must) but am out of touch with current prices. The Fatboy is mint, cased and even comes with the original instructions. I've had a few in the past and this is the best that I've ever seen. The Slim is also cased and in superb condition. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks chaps!
Take a look on eBay, using the "completed" and "sold" filters.

The Fatboy especially is a high demand razor, and therefore prices are all over the place. Replates go anywhere from £90 - 195 (I believe that's what one of the restorers sells for), so absolutely mint and boxed should definitely be more, but some of them go for way less. I have seen ones go in the £100s of pounds cased with shipper etc.

Pictures will definitely help people value them but at the end of the day great photos make a massive difference and it depends what you'd be willing to accept and how long you're willing to wait for a buyer.
Hmmm ebay tends to attract mad bids. I have an original tidy unrestored example (just a bit of plate loss) and bought it in a private sale on a forum for £40. It has the tight extra half turn so mechanically sound. I’d put out a “wanted” request rather than go on ebay.
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