Pre-Shave Wash Important

I find a shower is the best prep & then a splash of bloom water to start off face lathering.

A glycerine soap prewash did help when the soap isn't the slickest, with a good soap it doesn't matter. If I'm using a cream I sometimes use a dab of cream as a prewash leaving my face wet in place of the bloom water.


My feelings, and I appreciate that YMMV, is that a pre-shave face wash is an essential part of the routine, in terms of comfort and efficiency.

The wetter the face/stubble, the easier the physical cutting of the hair will be - from memory, the more water the hair absorbs, the easier the cut as the stubble will be further raised from the skin?

I think if the face is clean, then there is less debris for the blade/razor to pass through, which also aids the shave. I remember shaving after a sauna/steam room (back in my hotel room) and it was one of the best shaves I ever had. I put that down to all the gunk and dead skin cells having been exfoliated / removed from the skin.

I also find that after a face scrub I get amazing shaves - although I do not do that that often.

As ever, YMMV.
I always wash my face first, and usually shave on an evening. I tried shaving mid-afternoon on Saturday, with nothing more than a warm water splash as prep. I could definitely tell the difference in my shave quality, and irritation on my neck.

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Pre-shave products work for some; for others it makes little or no difference.
I am in the former camp; they make an appreciable difference to the quality of my shave. I should preface that by stating that I have sensitive skin; I cannot use alcohol-based post-shave products in the first few hours after shaving, although I love to use alcohol aftershaves as fresheners during the day or on days between shaving.
What works best for me, after a hot shower, is a face wash with a glycerine/lanolin facial soap (Valobra Glycerlanolina), followed by a quick massage of the face and neck with either Myrsol Emulsion or Castle Forbes Pre-shave gel. The key difference for me is that this overall process softens the whiskers in my "problem" areas, thus allowing a much cleaner cut without irritation in said areas.
I'm also a fan of Neutragena I work it into my face with my fingers then rinse most of it off with warmish water. I do have some Musgo Real Glycerine soap which I use occasionally but it seems to leave a bit of a greasy deposit especially if my beard is longer, which doesn't feel great.

Saying that when out and about a quick dash of warm water then crack on usually suffices.
Glycerin soap does not work for me. It causes me to break out & I have no real skin problems. As well, I have a tube of L'Oreal Men's Charcoal cleanser that literally strips my face bare and results in miserable shaves causing tugging even with proven blades & shave soaps.

I think there is far more to this than meets the blade. There is some real science going on here which IMO just may contribute more to a great shave than the blade used or shave soap/cream for that matter.
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I always shower prior to shaving. In the shower I wash my face with bog standard bath soap, usually Cussons Imperial Leather. After i’ve dried myself I wet my face with warm water and then begin to lather on my face. After +50 years of following this routine I see no need to change it or to introduce any fancy pancy face washes.
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