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Southern Ontario, Canada
Have a similar story. Bought new, kept gaining seconds. The jeweler, was a friend and, sent it back for correction 4x. The 4th time he told me that the factory rep told him to tell me that a Rolex was a Chronometer, and if i wanted a watch that told perfect time to buy a Timex!!!
That's why I prefer my Omegas over Rolex for day-to-day wear. For more formal occasions nothing tops my Patek Philippe Calatrava.
Ottawa, Canada
I think the Submariner (or the Sea Dweller) would be my grail watch, but I'd have to go for a non-date version as I dislike the magnifier.
Hi Chris, thought I'd share a funny story with you. Like yourself, I prefer the no-date version as I consider the dial to be more sold my sub and went to the store to pick up the ND SubC...walked out with another SubC date. I'm just glad my wife never realized the switcheroo or else I'd be in deep *&(*&*()!!
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