Please Help. Newbie to the forum and going desperate for some help

Hello guys. My name is Paul and I’m new to the forum. I’m actually a rookie at wet shaving and have been trying to shave with a de razor for the past 3 months. My shaves sometimes got better and other times got bad. 2 weeks ago I was actually having decent shaves trying out different sample blades. I know my technique still sucks but trying different blades to see if I find any that could give me a smooth irritation free shave.

Tried a polsilver and felt it was too sharp for me. Then I tried a personna lab blue and also felt it was really sharp blade for me which also got irritation on my chin area. Then I tried voskhod and for some reason that blade gave me the best and smoothest shaves without any irritation. Don’t know if my technique that week got better but since it’s a sample pack of blades I had to keep trying the rest of the blades. Tried astras sp but gave me really bad irritation on my chin and also felt it was an aggressive blade for my face.

Today I tried a Wilkinson Sword and it got even worse. For some reason every shave just keeps getting worse. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The dam chin area it’s just a dam nightmare again for me. I thought I had this but it just keeps getting worse.

The blade is just NOT GLIDING through the whiskers on my chin area. I swear I try not to put any pressure but the blade just does not glide through...I had to stop because I was already feeling burning on my face. After the “supposed” second WTG pass.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’m just frustrated again with my coarse whiskers and really sensitive skin.

Is it because I’m using mild blades? I tried the Wilkinson Sword because it was supposed to be almost the same as a voskhod but either my technique is getting worse or I don’t know what.

I really just don’t know which direction to go or what I’m doing wrong but the burning of my chin is just depressing.

People tell me to try a fatip grande or feather blades but if I’m getting this much irritation and burning with mild blades and a mild razor I’m just really really scared to try an aggressive razor or blade and really destroy my face...

Either way I appreciate any help to try and not quit this beautiful hobby.

These pictures you see is the result from 2 WTG passes but had to stop because already was feeling the burn on my face.

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First of all go back to the vokshod blade if you still have some, stick with it if it was working.
Are you feeling the irritation during the shave ? It could be a reaction to the soap. If it's afterward it could be a reaction to other products.
You may still be putting too much pressure on the razor even if you think you are not, make sure your lather is good and don't be tempted to go back over any place without re lathering. Even if there is a little soap left from the pass it wont be enough protection.
It's not that bad really. I had it much worse and skin gets adjusted with time. I'd go with the Fatip and Voskhod combo and stick with it. Keep using cold water.
Paul...welcome to TSR. Stick with it, you are on the right path it will come good with a little more time.

If you are getting good results on the rest of your face you are nearly there. The chin area can be a little tricky in the beginning as beard growth in this area often grows at various angles. Meaning what you think is a with the grain pass on your chin maybe against the grain for some of your whiskers.

What razor, brush and soap are you using?'

Advice from other members is solid; for the next few months stick with the Voskhods blades (PM me is you require some more I have a few spare tucks). Do not discount that your soap or post shave maybe causing irritation. A good lather from a soap or cream that gives lots of cushion is important (Palmolive is one of the best soaps at any price, very inexpensive and still readily available (just) on the high street. A good post shave balm may also help until you nail what is causing the irritation.

For the next few days consider using your previous razor (cart?) on your chin area and use the DE on the rest of your growth. After a few days, once the irritation has gone give it another go with your DE, lots of lather, one pass only followed by a moisturising balm. Resist aiming for a close shave on your chin area until you are more confident with your technique.

I am sure others will also be along with some other sage pointers also...stick with it and let us know how it goes...
...if you are using a Fatip OC it will easily cause irritation, even for experienced shavers, if the angle is not good, it is also easy to overshave with a Fatip resulting in irritation as it is a smooth shaver which masks its aggressiveness...


Hi mate,
Looking at the pictures was like looking in a mirror 6-8 months ago for me.
It does seem to get better all of a sudden, well it did for me.
Some of the things I found that helped me was the following:-
1. Use a Pre Shave Cream/oil. Let it soak in. (apply it then brush your teeth or do your hair etc) (Nuage Menthol Pre Shave Oil is cheap and I regularly use ut)
2. Just try only shaving the chin area once or twice but only WTG, don't try 3rd passes.
3. Somthing I'm confident that really helped me was using Witch Hazel mixed with a post shave oil. Apply liberally and leave to soak in before attempting any Colognes or EDT's

Hope all goes well over thext few weeks.
Keep us up to date with your progress, we are all happy to help here.
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