Plan for 2019

i have spent the last 4 years focusing on using up products - and now i am down to my last 60 ml of balm and 6 bottles of aftershave and about 5 years of soap left. the good news is all the soap i have left is the better stuff :) so my plan for 2019 is to use Wickham 1912 only except for Tabac shave stick and a/s. Soap-wise, I imagine i will only finish the Tabac this year but will fully enjoy whittling down the 1912s. i have 8 pucks and think they are all great - good job @Fox

once the balm is gone i will only use pure aloe vera gel in it's place from now on and sometime next year when all my a/s has been used up i will probably only use home scented witch hazel as a/s. possibly will sell some of my unused stuff - mostly SE razors.

so basically, i'm simplifying :)

best wishes to all for 2019!
So far not so good: bought three edit four new straight razors and only got rid of one old straight razor.
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I have a drawer full of 30+ vintage Gillette Techs, Super Speeds, and adjustables, a few thousand blades, and a drawer full of soaps and other shaving stuff. I thought I didn't need anything until I bought a Gillette New Short Comb in a little antique shop during a road trip last summer. It looked dirty and neglected, so I adopted it for the princely sum of $11.95 CAN. I planned on not spending anything on shaving in 2019. However, I liked the shave with the short comb, so I had to acquire a long comb to see if there was any difference. Just got one and like it better than the SC or the Old. No more spending for me. (fingers crossed)