Plan for 2019

It’s not a competition but I’m downsizing to:

Karve Christopher Bradley
Schick E1
Gillette Guard cartridge for travel

Barrister and Mann
Noble Otter

Razorock Plissoft
Omega Boar

And a few hundred blades to work thorough.
Just need to shift the last 3 razors I’m not using.

The only thing I can see myself buying now is Karve plates, soaps (when needed) and another brush, as mine are good brushes, but visually boring.

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I’d like to take a small step into SE shaving. I tried a few DE razors now and am happy (at the moment) with my Rockwell 6c.

I’ve never fallen down the rabbit hole regarding brushes but I’m certainly falling head first when it comes to soaps and creams. I’d like to keep trying new creams and soaps just cos I can.

But I fully expect this will change my tomorrow!
The best plan is; no plan at all. I'll see how it goes, my budget, spendings, if the car passes mot straight away? any nasty, unexpected and unforeseen financial surprises?
There are lots of factors beyond my control which may affect the spending and budget so if these are very small and minimal, the 'no more shaving stuff buying' promise is forgotton and the amount of razors, brushes, soaps etc.. increases
Started the habit hobby in a serious way in April. (My 3-monthly order of Mach 3 blades came in March, and I saw price.) I was already shaving with a brush and non-canned cream, so I though to go DE.

I acquired 3 Merkurs, some blades (well 1200+ of them) and expanded my cream collection (3 tubs and 4 tubes on the go, with 3 tubes and 12 tubs in reserve).

So I’ll be slowing down—I’ll buy some blades to try, perhaps another DE razor. I might add a cream or two, but not at 2018’s pace.

But I do want to btry a straight razor... .
Has to be downsizing. My soap collection went up above 50, and needs to be around 25. I'm OK for brushes (3) and blades (400)

As to razors I just don't know. In 2018 I restarted wet shaving and by the end of the year I've owned DE SB and OC razors, ATT SE1, several ER and GEMs and a couple of injectors I didn't like so they're off the agenda. Going forwards:

- should be an interesting year for good new razor handles to fit on all my heads
- DE open combs will see an increase, love my Old Type
- GEMs and ER will stay steady - sell some and acquire a MMOC and 1914....
- Artist Club will stay at the ATT SE1. Don't see any progression there and may use it less
- DE safety bars will be sold off with few exceptions, maybe keep the 6C and a Tech.
That's pretty much how I live my life.

Well aside from a few days here and there when I decide my plan is to make a plan.
Time management is for people who like time management. If you're not one of those people it's really dangerous. You can time manage your whole week, fail miserably, feel guilty and useless, get depressed and go to bed for 3 days......

Not a lot of people know this....
A Blackland Vector is on the horizon, after that nothing of substance.
Unless Blackland decide to make a Vect.
My preferred width.
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