Pipe Tobacco Sampler - Group Buy

Hi Chaps

Having recently taken up smoking a pipe I have frustratingly found it difficult (impossible actually!) to find samples of decent pipe tobacco, i.e. the nice premium stuff pre-packed in tins/pouches. It seems the only sample size portions you can buy are from loose blends. Every vendor I've contacted is reluctant to split tins or pouches into samples.

Due to crummy EU legislation, 25g pouches have disappeared and looks like 50g is the norm too, so buying a whole 50g for £14-15 isn't the most economical just to sample it, especially if you don't like it!

I've contacted the mods and asked if I might be able to do a group buy on some decent pipe tobacco which has been approved, so the details are below. Fingers crossed there are a few like minded pipe smokers here who wish to try a few decent tobaccos. It will be 5 x 10g samples of the below, which i'll hygienically pack into food grade ziplock bags and post as a large letter. I'll post details of the tobacco in the next post so this post doesn't get too messy! Will buy from https://www.mysmokingshop.co.uk/

Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin £14.35
Ashton Artisans Blend Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin £15.69​
Samuel Gawith St James Flake Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin £14.35
Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired Flake Pipe Tobacco 50g Pouch £14.15
Condor Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco 50g Pouch £14.45
Item Cost Total:£72.99
Shipping Cost:£4.59
Total Cost: £77.58​

£77.58 5 tins/pouches tobacco divided by 5 = £15.52
£0.75 25 ziplock bags divided by 5 = £0.15
£0.79 2nd class postage each

= £16.46 + paypal fees (£0.79) = £17.25

TOTAL: £17.25 delivered for 5 x 10g samples of the above tobaccos delivered :)

Only 4 sample packs available - PM me if you are interested, first come first serve, but might open this up to more samples/further samplers later if there is more interest?
I chose all the above after quite a bit of research - I wanted to compile a decent selection that contained different types of tobaccos, and selected only ones that scored highly on tobaccoreviews.com (both by score and as user favourites).

Condor Ready Rubbed - http://www.tobaccoreviews.com/blend/1103/gallaher-limited-condor-ready-rubbed-green
Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired Flake - http://www.tobaccoreviews.com/blend/5214/mac-baren-hh-old-dark-fired
Samuel Gawith St James Flake - http://www.tobaccoreviews.com/blend/2674/samuel-gawith-st-james-flake
Ashton Artisans Blend - http://www.tobaccoreviews.com/blend/2534/ashton-artisans-blend
Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture - http://www.tobaccoreviews.com/blend/1033/samuel-gawith-skiff-mixture

Condor is a Virginia, aromatic tobacco (Alcohol / Liquor, Floral Essences). A classic Lakeland style over the counter tobacco, seems to be loved by many and probably a very recognisable smell in the UK back in the day!

Mac Baren HH Old dark fired flake is a Virginia/Burley mix, no flavourings added - great reviews

Samuel Gawith St James Flake is a Virginia/Perique mix (a VaPer) - great reviews

Ashton Artisans Blend is an English style with Black Cavendish, Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Perique and Virginia. I found this when looking for an alternative to Dunhill Nightcap - it gets cracking reviews.

Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture came up in my search for a better alternative to Dunhill Early Morning pipe (an Oriental), this gets great reviews. Contains Latakia, Oriental/Turkish and Virginia
Thanks for that, but I don't want small samples of loose tobacco, I want to sample the premium tinned/pre packed tobaccos.

Anyone want to split on the above selection? It's only a couple of pounds more than a single 50g tin/pouch but you get the same amount plus the ability to sample 5 tobaccos not available in small amounts :)
Not very helpful to my group buy so thanks for that! Everyone has a different opinion so I've gone with a variety of well reviewed (and favourited) tobaccos on tobacco reviews.com. those you mention get good reviews, but not as good as the ones I selected. I'd rather go with several opinions not just go on what individuals say, else I'd never make a selection. One man's meat is another's poison so they say! :)