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Thursday March 13, 2014
OTE="Helveticum, post: 473857, member: 728"]And to kick it off, here's this.
Went to a beautiful city of Lviv this weekend, to celebrate a little anniversary. During a morning stroll on my way to the High Castle saw this image, which in my opinion fully encompasses the atmosphere of the old city.
Taken with D60, post processed in Instagram (yeeeeah, I knoowww..).

She's gunna come a cropper just before she reaches you.
Monday August 19, 2013
Angus, Scotland

Took this in Burma in 2003, one of my favourite pics I've managed to take


Same trip, different mode of transport! At Inle Lake, they have a a bizarre leg rowing method of propulsion. The lake is really shallow so they row above the fish, chuck the big funnel on it then spear it.
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