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Stunning image Iain.
Thank you B. - I clearly remember taking the picture - I have seldom experienced the Highlands so still - there was not a sound - not a breath of wind - we were on a multi-day trip around bothies in Lochaber - self-contained - so carrying fairly heavy packs at this point. We'd done the shlep up from Loch Trieg - all uphill - passing the time with discussing how we were going to declare jihad on the Ordnance Survey and their cartographers - for suggesting on the map that there was anything that might actually resemble a path. There wasn't - an uphill bog. We rested for a bit at the top - I realised that the fading light was going to do something quite nice - and this picture was the result. It was another six or seven miles to the bothy - but we made it just before the head torches had to come out. yours - I.
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