Phoenix and Beau: YouTube

Hi everyone,

Just in case you were interested in seeing and hearing a little more from of us (and by "us" I really mean, um.. me. Despite being infinitely more attractive, the wife is too chicken to go on camera!) I've decided to, work / schedule permitting, commit to doing a weekly YouTube shave on our channel.

I've gone for something dazzlingly original in the videos title and.. wait for it.. came up with 'The Sunday Shave'!

I know, creative, right..

Anyway, the thinking was it'd allow me to share the Phoenix and Beau week with you, show you a little more about us and just simply check in with the community whilst having a shave at the same time.

Right, enough waffle, you can find us here and, if you haven't already, please subscribe to our channel -

Best regards,

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