Phoenix and Beau: New Products

Sunday October 11, 2015
Hi everyone,

We thought you might like to know that at 1200hrs (GMT) tomorrow we'll be releasing some new products :)

Namely our new core shaving soap, Trafalgar and accompanying post shave lotion and solid cologne. The lotions are alcohol free and are made up of aloe vera, witch hazel, cacay oil, willow-bark extract and meadowfoam oil.

They'll also be available in our Spitfire and Imperial Rum scents (the full range will follow in due course).

Have a great weekend, the weather (in Blighty) looks golden!



Sunday October 11, 2015
I am from Umeå, city of birches, in Sweden, can't say I recall birch scent but have fond memories of birch snaps :)
Ah, birch schnaps (?) - very nice :) The birch aspect of Trafalgar is that bright green note you get when you break and tear the bark from young branches.
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