Personna Nazareth closing

Vietnam was always a packing plant in the past, Shanghai sent the Superthins and other blades there for packaging. I haven't been able to source Asia made blades for a few years, so I don't have any contacts. Getting Gillettes from China is a bit risky, although there are not that many true fakes, just a lot of clones, Gilere etc.
I am down to my last Chinese Super Gillette Blue Blade and just ordered 3 more tucks from China off Ebay. I have two counterfeit tucks I bought off an American vendor and in spite of my telling him as such he still has them on his site!! To be fair he got screwed on his order IMO and is not to blame, but for integrity's sake he needs to delist those. There is an official P&G Store on Alibaba that sells them, but shipped they want approx. $29.00 U.S. which is just a little too steep for 100.

FWIW, sells the superb Thai Gillette Super Thin (Improved Stainless) for a fair retail price.
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