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Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Few more games on ...

Mafia III was an unexpected joy! I played the demo a good while ago and thought it okay ... I played the demo again and thought it okay, did some reading and watched a couple of videos and thought this could be my thing. £4 from CEX and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 1968 American - the Vietnam War going on, there's a seedy underbelly to society, black rights, weird cults, the list goes on. Loved it! Loved it so much I paid for the Season Pass to get all the DLC, played them all and enjoyed them - the last one was best where you get embroiled in a religious cult, which had echoes of Far Cry 5.

Mafia II (on PS3). Having enjoyed Mafia III so much I bagged a cheap copy of Mafia II. I have to say, it was quite advanced for its day I think. Good to get the backstory for some of the characters I got to know in Mafia III. I guess many folks will have played it the other way around and enjoyed folks they already knew popping up in Mafia III. It's quite a linear story, little open world but fun ...

... and then they re-released Mafia III, remastered Mafia II and Mafia (original) will come out in August on modern platforms! My existing transactions were acknowledged and I got all sorts of extra stuff for the games I already owned. One is the ability to have certain cars from each of the games in the other games, so guess you could roll down 1930s New York in a 1960s muscle car. Since I didn't own II on PS4, the best I got was to enjoy a '30s Moray in the '60s. I'm not inclined to buy the remaster of II just yet, but might well if the price is right for a bundle when Mafia comes out in August.

Finished Ghost Recon Breakpoint - good enough. I enjoyed Wildlands more.

Played through the Classic Edition of Far Cry 3 on PS4. Enjoyed it so much, I carried on through 4 (again) and still wanting more jumped to New Dawn (post-5) which I kinda raced through first time around.

I'm really desperate for the next thing to really grab me ...

GTA V ... not really my thing.
Red Dead Redemption 2 ... boooooooooring!!! And that's after the hours and hours of preview before you actually get to play the game.
MGS V ... ugh! Reminds me of RDR2. After that achingly long introduction, the game is a bit ... well, crap.
Sniper 3: Ghost Warrior ... almost grabbed me, but I found it miles too easy and horribly repetitive.
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts ... sheesh! Reminded me of how Future Soldier, Advanced Warfare and so on ruined some of my favourite game series

... so, until something good comes along (waiting for Last of Us II and Ghost of Tsushima) I'm sort of in limbo.

I'm playing through an old game at the moment: The Saboteur (on PS3) and have Enemy Fronts (for PS3) coming in the post.
Mrs Seaman bought me a PS4 a couple of years ago and tbh I’ve not really used it until recently. I was visiting my nephews and was watching one of them play Call of Duty.
I was intrigued with the online aspect of it so recently I’ve been playing Modern Warfare and Black Ops along with the free to play Warzone.
I’m absolutely rubbish and no doubt 10 year olds in Eastern Europe get a great buzz from repeatedly shooting me from half a mile away but it’s great fun me running around like an headless chicken, not really knowing what I’m doing.
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
... and finished another play through of The Last of Us II (it's been a year probably, since last time) and what an absolute masterpiece that is!


It got slated in the reviews upon release with folks focussing on the "wokeness being rammed down our throats" but if you're already past all that (as in people are people, live and let live) it is one hell of a story crossing back and forth between two perspectives and back to the first game, both of which you get to play through as well as one or two peripheral stories.

Again, phenomenal! I truly hope there is a part 3, but I can't see what else there is to say and they didn't leave the door open.

Onwards (well, backwards) to part one perhaps? Maybe lift the lid on the very excellent Uncharted series again? I'm all (Far) Cried out for now, but 6 is due release very soon.
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