Pass Around: Tatara Masamune Razor


  1. sɐǝɹpu∀/riverrun (ATG/TSR)
  2. Blademonkey (TSR)
  3. carbold (ATG/TSR)
  4. Rowlers (ATG)
  5. Salv (ATG)
  6. Holyzeus (ATG)
  7. Barry Giddens (TSR)
  8. ajc347 (ATG)
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  19. Benz3ne (TSR)
  20. fixedwheel (TSR)
  21. nolisco (TSR)
  22. Simonfend (TSR)
  23. Bikerjohn (TSR)
  24. Looney12345 (ATG)
  25. Steven_Jagger (TSR)
  26. ScOtt (ATG)
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Sorry I've been a bit quiet on this one, been a bit nutty this month!

I'm just about done with the Tatara Masamune, and ready to pass it onto @nolisco, so have dropped a PM over for address details

What can I say? Well, it is definitely a ting of beauty. The precision, and the quality of finish are outstanding. I like the chice between straight bar and open comb, and found I preferred the open comb. It is beautifully presented, and the heft makes it sit nicely in the hand.

I started off with my goto blade, Personna Med-Prep, in the straight bar, and have to say that I just found it a little mild for me, and was relying on the slickness of the soap to go over the same areas a bit too much.

Switched it up to a Feather, and found that better, and better again with the Feather in the open comb.

Slight panic at the thought of only being able to select from one blade type though! :) Bit like the thought of only being able to use one soap or brush!

So, great to try, but not a must-have for me. I think there are too many razors on my shelf that I would reach for first, but we are all different.

Thanks to @Paul from Connaught for putting the razor into the pass-around, and for Andreas (@riverrun) for co-ordinating it.

Cheers again, John