Closed Pass Around: Hone Type 15 - Completed

Thanks to Andrew from we can offer a pass around of the Hone Type 15 razor:

We have discussed the razor in this thread and more information can be found on this web site.

Please read and agree to the following rules and remarks before joining the list:

  • The pass around is limited to 12 people. I’ll restrict the pass around to members who have been around for at least a little while. Don’t apply with your first post. UK members only, to keep postage costs down. EU members will be considered if they agree to refund the previous person the additional postage cost. After some discussions and a lot of soul searching I’ve decided that half of the available places will be reserved for interested TSR and pass around veterans. If you feel left out - I’m very sorry. The remaining places will be available to all.
  • Because of the value of the razor I recommend sending it as ‘Special Delivery’. You can choose another, cheaper, signed for delivery method, but if the razor gets lost, you pay what Royal Mail doesn’t refund. You send the tracking number to the recipient and to me. Andrew has made some sort of ‘foam coffin’ for the razor. Please reuse that for packaging.
  • The razor is your responsibility from the moment you receive it until the next person receives it. You break it, lose it or ruin the finish (see below) - you buy it. If Royal Mail loses it, they’ll pay for it.
  • Don’t hog the razor. A week should be enough time to form an opinion.
  • Let’s know what you think about the razor. Post your thoughts on this thread. Andrew would like some feedback from us.
  • Make sure the razor is shave ready for the next person. Don’t use harsh chemicals or polish on the razor. It will develop a patina over time. That’s intentional and we’d like to see what a pass around does to the finish. According to Andrew the razor is best cleaned by a wipe/rub with a damp cloth and a dry. This is enough for removing soap etc. Cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner is acceptable. To disinfect the razor, use either diluted Barbicide for 10 minutes or rubbing alcohol (liquid or wipes), then rinse with water. If you want to try something else for cleaning or disinfecting please ask here first, so we can consult Andrew, who knows the material better than anyone else. Some chemicals can effect brass badly.

The razor will come to me first, I’ll do a first impressions review then send it to the participants of the pass around. At the end it goes back to me and I’ll do a before/after write up. Then I’ll send the razor back to Andrew for inspection. The razor will then be raffled/PIFed/donated/whatever - that bit is not clear yet.
Thanks to Andrew from @Hone for giving us this unique opportunity and to @Darkbulb for bringing the razor to our attention.
So who is up for it? This should be fun...

  1. Bechet
  2. mikebrownington
  3. rowlers
  4. Stacy555
  5. george
  6. Nico1970
  7. MPH
  8. Whosthedaddy
  9. Sir_eider
  10. DevonStan
  11. Dipesh
  12. Geofnay
The list is closed.
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Just to say thank you to @rowlers and @riverrun for helping to organise and making this pass around happen. And thank you to @Darkbulb for starting the original thread. Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy the Type 15. If there are any questions about the razor, the back story, or myself I am very happy to answer them. Many Thanks, Andrew.
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