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The fatboy arrived today in Germany.
The other guy in Germany just informed me that he has bought a Fatboy.
So the list is now:

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  • Bechet
  • riverrun
  • Liocer
  • Looney12345
  • SAnderson781
  • David68
  • shevsky
  • Reefhead
  • Les Dupondt
  • phil-b
  • Barry Giddens
  • Wayne Pritchard
  • nlMike
  • mattprince
  • riverrun
  • Simonfend
  • Eurofighter
  • Pepperpot
  • Glen_Lee
  • … You?
The list is open.

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First shave with the fatboy, a Gillette Silver Blue blade and 36h worth of stubble. Started on setting 2, quickly dialed up to setting 4. The shave was okay as I need to figure out the best angle to use it.
I really had a good week with the fatboy. I was able to test it with six different blades and tried different settings. I shaved daily in the morning and my preferred setting was 4, today with the Feather blade as last test object, I decided to go with 3. I tried a Gillette Silver Blue, a Derby Premium, a Personna red, a Ladas, an Astra SP and the Feather blade.
I also used different soaps during the week, Wickham 1912, Soap Commander, Nanny's Silly Soap, Catie's Bubbles, Dr. Jon and Hila's soap and had a pleasant experience with all of them and the fatboy.

My conclusion:
For me, the Fatboy is a good and mild razor. You can get really close, smooth and good shaves with him. It might be a lttle bit too mild for me, even on the more agressive settings. The shaves took a little longer and I had to do more touch ups. It might be user error in not being able to use the perfect angle. Does this little extra time matter to me? No, not at all, if you are not pressed for time and like what you are doing. The result speaks for itself.
It was the first butterly razor for me and it was fun to use one for a change.

Would I buy one?
Probably not, only when I could a too good a deal to a pass. From what I have seen, fatboys in good condition/ refurbished ones, tend to cost quite a lot. I am happy with my razor collection, a Merkur Progress 500 among them which give me similar good shaves.
If I would not have an adjustable razor, it might be a good choice though.

As a little contribution and thank you for the opportunity to try this razor, I've decided to add a package of each brand of blades, that I have tried during this week. Maybe the next people along the line, find a blade that they do not know yet or have one to add, that others may like to try. I only ask, that people take only one blade from each of the brands that might interest them and pass on the rest.


Once the fatboy has completly dried from its barbicide bath, I will pack it up and probably pass it on tomorrow.
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