Parker Arrow Laque

Oviedo, Spain
Reviving my interest in fountain pens, I picked up this little lovely for opening bid the other day ...

It's a little different to my usual choice, which is either Flighter or Black barrel. Never GT.

I have a good number of 45s, 15s, Frontiers, Vectors & Jotters, all of that ilk, so it's nice to have something different.
Lovely pen. Thanks for sharing.
Southern Ontario, Canada
I'm pretty disciplined as I only have 30 slots in my pen case, so it genuinely has to be one in one out.
Another rabbit hole looms large in the offing for you, grasshopper. I started with a 12 slot pen case; today I have a 4 drawer chest and 3 cigar boxes housing my collection of over 100 fountain pens...I don't count them anymore.:eek::p:rolleyes: I also have several books on fountain pens.
I went through college with a Vector; not rich enough to buy a '25' [emoji14]

But seriously, the Vector and siblings are very good daily writers, in my opinion.

(In university, I bought a Sheaffer Targa, my first luxury pen)
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
I've written with humble Vector & Jotter pens for years. I did have a 25 ... three, in fact: Fountain, Rollerball and another Fountain with the green colouring. No idea where they've gone. I have a number of 15s as well, which really fit my hand well and feel so light it's like there's no pen and just a nib at the ends of my fingers.

In terms of posh pens ... well, I don't have one. I suppose this Laque is kinda posh. I've a Parker 51 on my wishlist. Shaeffer Imperial, as well, which have lovely looking nibs. I do enjoy the Parker Frontiers, which I think are a similar size/weight to the 51s.

I hear you @Rufus ...

You've mentioned cigar boxes. I've had a grot about in the loft and found three cigar boxes. I'm now thinking of some stripwood and felt to line them and turn them into pen boxes. More real estate ... more pens :)

Looking at the depth, I may well double deck them with a pull out shelf or try to work in some clever hinged level. Fun little project.
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