palmolive stick DISCONTINUED !!!!

My understanding is that the Palmolive stick is still manufactured and sold in Europe, as it always was.

It has been pulled from the UK market, presumably because the sales figures were not good enough here.

But don't take this as gospel, its just something i saw on another forum.


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My take is nobody really cared about the Palmolive stick until discontinued then suddenly it rose to forum fame :)
I must admit I had never bought any before the talk of discontinuation but it's only human nature to want to get hold of something that is going to be hard to obtain or impossible to obtain so I bought myself a pack of ten from Amazon just on the off chance that it was a wonder soap and I thought I may be missing out, well you do don't you! :)
Anyway as it turned out they didn't do it for me, ok it worked as a shave soap but it didn't set my world on fire, so I've been giving them to friends that are now into traditional wet shaving and won't be that sorry to see the Palmolive Shave Stick discontinued.
Some soaps are worh hunting down and stashing them away when there is a threat of discontinuation but this wasn't one of them! ( for me anyway ) :) P.
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I enjoy using Palmolive soap stick. It's does everything I want of a soap, but the scent is a bit old lady.
I've been meaning to experiment with essential oils to see if I can pep up the scent a bit. I'll give it a spin at the weekend if I get the time, and report back.

It's my son's favourite shave soap. He's used most of my much more expensive soaps, including Meissner, Wickham, WSP, etc, but he swears Palmolive is best for him.

It's still on the shelves in shops local to me, so UK stocks haven't been depleted - yet . . .

I dare say that canned goo has seen the demise of traditional shaving soaps, (in the mainstream), the same way cartridge razors saw off DE razors in the seventies.

The Palmolive Classic Shave Cream is ok, but imo, not a patch on the stick.
I still have a 16 pack of Andrex Supersoft toilet rolls, that i was willing to trade for a 2 bed bungalow a few months ago. As the bottom has fell out of the market, so to speak, i am willing to trade these high quality items for Palmolive sticks. Or has anyone bought in bulk and is now unable to use their garage due to an overload of pasta , toilet rolls ,hand sanitiser and palmolive shave sticks. If so I can ease your problem by purchasing some of these bulky palmolive sticks :cool:
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