page turner recommendation

british west hartlepool
i used to be an avid reader up until about ten years ago, but because of work, life and fannying about on the computer, ive gotten out of the habit. im wanting to get back into books again, im looking for books that will suck me in, some page turner novels.

ive had a flick through a few threads on here and like the look of the malcolm pryce aberystwerth detective novels and have ordered three of them to be going on with, im open to any genre and would like to find something as readable as the flashman series. anyone got any ideas?
Victoria Hislop, I think she has done five books all absolutely brilliant. I think it starts with "The Island".
Also Tony Parsons; he started with relationship and family matters and has now moved on to crime; all very good.
Andy McNab and Chris Ryan are very good if you are intersted in SAS techniques and good story lines etc and are good holiday reads and there are a lot of them.
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