Paddle strop with exchangeable leathers by rasurpur

Today my new paddle strop arrived which I ordered from rasurpur in Germany. :D;)

New to straight razor shaving and not sure if I can handle a hanging strop the right way without destroying the edge of my razor, I was searching the net for a paddle strop of which I was told it is the easiest way start stropping as beginner. At rasurpur I found a paddle strop with exchangeable leathers which is handcrafted well, looks great and also for a fair prize. I have chosen the classic version with one side in brown premium calf leather for daily stropping and the other side with roughed but soft dark leather for use with chromox or diamond paste.
Even if I will do a beginners mistake cutting into the leather, I just can change the leather for a few Euros, without buying a new whole paddle strop. rasurpur even offers several different leather types for each need and preference.

Measurements leather: 29,5cm x 7,5cm
Total: 46cm x 7,7cm
Handle: 12cm
Weight: 500 grams

I compared different models of paddle strops from different producer offered in the net, but the strop I found in the shop of rasurpur seems for me the best. Today opening the package and holding that beauty in my hands, I was not dissapointed. Sorry if that all sounds like advertisment, but I am really fascinated. ;):)

Here are the images
005 B.jpg
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The strops where developed by the head ingineer from Thiers Issard and they are wonderful, I have recommended it to many people on the Dutch shaving forum and all where very happy with them.
O.K...thanks for the information. Martin, the owner of rasurpur told me that they are made in France. Best think for me as beginner about that strop, it got 7,5cm (2,95 Inch) width so it is more than wide enough for my razor and I do not have to strop across. ;)