P.O.P. The Coffee Virgin Purchases a Moka Pot!

West Norfolk. UK

Since I was obliged to give up booze I have drifted (in a very small way) into different teas and coffee; having been a Nescafe Gold Blend instant man for as long as I can remember. Ah, I have just remembered back further to when I was very small and my parents drank Camp Coffee, the real stuff!:eek:

I am very much a coffee tyro and have not as yet even ventured as far as beans but I have been trying different ground coffee's over these last couple of months in a cafetierre and have been really quite enjoying the experience. Yesterday I was really on a roll at the car boot sale when I bought an unused small Moka pot for £1.50 the seller wanted two pounds but I was able to negotiate a P.O.P's (Poor Old Pensioners) deal! Not as good as the Pen set but still very respectable.

As soon as I got home I washed it out, watched a You Tube Vid. on how to work the thing and fired it up. What an enormous difference in flavour using exactly the same coffees as I used in the cafetierre, way more taste and flavour.
This does not mean that I will rush out tomorrow and buy a Gaggia Classic but my interest in coffee has been aroused, it was a real balancing act getting the pot to sit on the gas ring but I have sent for a reducer from Amazon which should solve the problem.


I "re-jeted" a couple of burners on my gas cooker, great for getting water to boil quickly or getting a sear on steak but a little too much for gentle simmering so I know all about using what you've got to act as diffuser. Pop me your address, I can send you some freshly ground Mocha Java from Rave Coffee.
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Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Camp Coffee!? Gah! I actually bought a bottle not so long ago (confused childhood memories) ... no, it was horrible!

Have fun with your new toy. One that I use for a quick fix at work (easy clean-up without coffee grounds going down the drain ... you know what "Estates" are like) is the Hario system. I've yet to try one of these stove-top machines. Try out different coffees with differing amounts ... you'll get the hang of what you like.
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