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I remember reading a message from Paul @ Connaught Shaving that the PPI factory operates in specific runs. It will be tooled up to deliver just Astra SPs for a period, then Gillette Platinums for example. You can see this by the transition across all the variants from 4 glue dots and double wrapping to twin glue dots and laser etching. Whilst overall stock of a particular variant may begin to get low, it's probably only a matter of time before they're due to be manufactured again.

Note this was specific to the PPI range so I'm not sure if this applies to others.
That makes sense when you consider how the manufacturing process goes. To have multiple blade type production at the same time they would need multiple furnaces, freezers, sputtering setups etc.
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I too stocked up with probably 400/500 x GSBs - which I used exclusively for a few years and grew very fond of.

Anyway, Gillette's loss because I've got 50 old Lab Blues / 250 x new Med Preps and 200 Polsilver SI's to keep me going for the next 5/6 years, I've had to wind the adjustable down a click though - the current Med Preps in a 250 box from Connaught are excellent but very sharp indeed.
I don't think there are so many GSB's around, you used to be able to bulk buy these at around £11-£12 a hundred at Gemstone and now Gemstone don't have any for bulk buying and at Connaught they are £24 a hundred. Supply and demand.
Crikey! I bought 300 for £8..... Then another 300 for same. SUPER THINS were cheaper.
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