Otoko Organics Shaving Soap

My first Aussie soap, not that I'd heard of it before someone gifted me a sample. My thoughts:

I don’t think I’ve ever had a completely clear shaving soap before. I assumed that, as it looked like ice, it would be cold, but it wasn’t.

I’d never heard of this, so had no idea what to expect. It was generally positive.

Slickness wasn’t great and I often picked up nicks, but it was capable of giving me a good, close shave without irritation.

The fragrance wasn’t for me, some odd concoction, but it’s weak enough that it won’t bother you during the shave.

It’s not particularly suitable for being pressed into a container (at least, I found) but seemed to offer plenty of lather with even the faintest run-in with the brush.

I was pleasantly surprised by a soap that did a good job, but it’s not one I’d reach for over quite a few others.

Full review here.