One blade core v One blade genesis

Quick update and info needed guys, I purchased the above razor to see what all the fuss was about, as I did'nt want to fork out full price for a Genesis and end up with something that I may have been disappointed with. The first shave with this was not that close, but with the razor being so mild, and oneblade more or less guarantees no cuts or razor burn its really easy to go over 3 passes without looking too sunburnt :mad:I found it quite a revelation. Now my question is to all you people out there, do you think the genesis would give me a better/close shave (Perhaps 2 passes). Or would I just be as well sticking with my One blade core? Hopefully I can get some good feedback on this before I part with my cash there is an offer on the Oneblade website for a genesis plus a blade package supply for $200.I dont know if this is going to be cheaper if i am going to have to pay import duty and VAT.
Thanks in anticipation
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It takes at least 7-8 shaves to nail the technique with the Oneblade. Once nailed, it provides effortless good finishes. I only have the Core but I very much doubt the difference in the shave between the Core and the Genesis is $200 better so it's a matter of aesthetics.


The Core and the Genesis are NOT the same razor.

The Core's a good travel razor, but I simply cannot get BBS with it. Its cheap, lightweight, and won't break my heart if I lose or break it over the road. Better than a cart, but not the most efficient. It is safe, however.

The Genesis, on the other hand, gives me perfect, irritation free BBS shaves every time. Can't name a razor with a better combination of efficiency, safety, and convenience/ease of use.
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