Omega Next Gen Synths

I like the marble Ego and Duca. I wonder when we will see them in the UK and what the prices of them are going to be.

I dont have many Omega brushes but I would like to try their synthetic brushes.
Are these knots really something new or just the same old generation ones in a spiffy handle? :unsure:
I think they are the same knots as ones which are the Generation 4 ones I think? I think they the same ones as used by Muhle & Frank Shaving.

There was a video on Oumo's Instagram which has other knots Eg Tuxedo/Motherlode (whatever that is) & Gen 4 knot in action. They seem to perform differently, I can't say whether it's better or worse but the Gen 4 knot seems to keep it's shape the best at the end of the lathering.

Oumo were selling the Gen 4 knots alone but are no longer doing so.
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