Old geezer cap

I've got a couple of flat caps and an Inspector Cleuseau hat; and I am an old geezer. They wow my American friends when I put them on with a tweed sports coat, waist coat, and watch-chain with 1899 3-pence fob. They also look good with a golden retriever.
You have a Golden Retriever? Bad move. Do you realise 7 out of 10 of their owners go blind!! :eek:
Oviedo, Spain
Anyone likes newsboy caps? I do... but I'd look like a peakyblinder ... maybe...

Wow! Great cap. Lawrence & Foster, in Yorkshire, will make you a wonderful hand tailored News Boy for about 43 pounds. Found this cap maker to be a way better deal than the boys in London. Some of London store caps may be actually made in China. What? My cap has a label saying MADE IN YORKSHIRE - ENGLAND. Enjoy your cap.
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