Noxzema as a Pre-shave

Southern Ontario, Canada
My father swore by Noxzema; he used it pre-shave, post-shave, on sunburn and whatever ailed his skin. He called it his miracle cream. I've used it as a pre-shave and on sunburn and it works quite well. I have, however, found that I don't need any kind of pre-shave if I prep properly; nevertheless, I keep a jar of it in my bathroom cabinet just in case.
In the USA they sell generic versions of this (probably by the same maker) on the cheap. I use it when I do a "no shower" shave and smear a couple of fingers loaded with it onto my face & massage it well into my beard. I have used the Italian made Prep a few times and the end result is no different & Noxema is a Helluva lot cheaper.

As a warning, it is very adhesive and some say it leaves a residue on their natural hair brushes that has to be cleaned off with a good detergent dish soap or vinegar. I have not had that problem with a synthetic brush however. They only leave a smile on my face. :)


They also made at one time a brushless shave cream and in Italy they made a tube shave cream until a few years ago.
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