November 2018 Acquisitions

AP Shave Co ‘Elegant Emerald’ handle Synbad brush. Used once so far, really like it. Denser than some synths, lovely and soft without being overly floppy. Most comfy barber style handle I’ve tried, as I don’t like the overly pronounced ridges on them normally. This is a lot smoother and more, well, elegant. Very nice indeed.

iKon Bulldog 2 stainless steel handle. Read a few times about folk preferring a heavier handle on a DE89 and it does feel more effective than the light stock handle.

Altoids tin. Seen these used as travel razor holders so thought I’d try one. Got a few mints to get through before I go away next.

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Another shaving bowl arrived today, from the lovely Victoria at Little Wren Pottery in Yorkshire. I asked her to go with her creative instincts and be daring - she has used a glaze layering technique to create a bowl with differing colours and textures. Kinda funky - I like it!

Cheshire, England
Picked up the following from the Post Depot:-
Antica Barbieria Colla shave cream
Sheermonnik ‘Delfts Wit’
Haslinger Schafmilch Rasierseife

Will have a shave with the ABC before I go out tonight, smells of almonds, hope it lives up to it’s reputation as it’s expensive! The Scheermonnik I picked up for a reasonable price, smells like a Christmas concoction. The Haslinger is a small 60g puck which is relatively expensive but I will store away until my Valobra travel stick is used up, that’s it for soap for a good while! [emoji6]
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