Newbie Pass Around

Hampshire, UK
Perhaps you have arrived at TSR equipped with your first shiny new razor and brush. Perhaps you are yet to start the journey. Either way, the forum discussions on seemingly endless opportunities in shaving hardware might possibly excite and daunt you in equal measure.

Well you oughtn't worry. We're a kind-hearted bunch here and, to prove that you should stick around in this forum (one of the brighter corners of the Internet), members have put together a Pass Around box of razors, different sorts of blades, soaps and creams for forum novices to experience and enjoy. Treasures inside range from Ladas DE blades from Russia to the fabled French Martin de Candre shaving soap.

All that is asked for is that the parcel is passed on in the way you would personally wish to receive it: send it on promptly, feel free to replenish stock from your own possessions, and don't pinch all of the good bits and send on your discards!

Post your interest below.

Waiting list:
  1. Stacy555
  2. Kevy
  3. Giorgio Sterlini
  4. Shavejourneybadger
  5. Al H
  6. wayne mattison
  7. oscsha
  8. RoastSessions
  9. jh83
  10. Smoo
  11. westo
  12. ajmw89
  13. Drewbie
  14. Dai Boy
  15. Looney12345
  16. Mr Bigmem
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Rainham, Kent
Hi Gentlemen,

I am very ashamed to say, I have just reached the ripe old age of 58 this year, having never experienced a DE razor,
this have just recently been corrected and over the last couple of weeks my shaving life has altered drastically.
Shaving is now a complete pleasure and I actually look forward to the next one.
I began with a chinese £3.99 plastic handle job from ebay, fitted with an Atlas platinum blade and still using my remaining Gillette Fusion gel, achieving a better shave than my regular blade around the neck and chin area, I then decided to purchase a budget TTO from a popular brand and settled on the Parker 96R, this was coupled up with a Semogue Boar brush, more improvement and a commitment to DE shaving is now in full swing.

If I may, I would be very pleased to be the first on the list for the Newbie pass around.

The start of something big.... ?
Rainham, Kent
Newbie package arrived today, duly opened and Wow !

Will endeavour to give as many items a try before I need to PIF, will also make sure to top it up before it goes.
Took delivery of the Fatboy today as well, so that will be first as there is someone next in line.

Cheers Burgundy
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