Newbie journey brings me here

sunny canvey in the Y-UK
Its cheaper they said! Ill try it i said...................
Ok jmho, buy something that has lasted the ages, or is modern and has amazing reviews forget a budget as you get what you pay for ie will a homebase 19mm spanner at 1.99 do the same job ad a snapon 19mm 24.99 spanner , well yes but it will round the fastener off / slip and not fit quite right.
So spend a bit buy a gillette adjustable, a long handle black beauty , maybe a fat boy or gillette slim.

Tryed tested and they work! As i said jmho. I started using straights and double edged nearly 15years ago and my goto razors are my fatboy and a 1890's joseph rogers straight, i wouldnt change them foe all the money in the world.
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