Newbie box - donations requested, please.

Hi all.

If anyone has any soaps they would be kind enough to donate to the newbie box, it would be really appreciated. The selection is now quite limited, barring Proraso, which it has all 3 versions.

I’ve added a number of quality blades, such as Nacet/Silver Blue, some Proraso Pre-shave etc. but I’ve only a couple of soaps.

For those who don’t know, the newbie box is a selection of soaps, blades, razors and other shaving items for newbies to try, with the only cost being postage to the next participant.
It’s a great way for newbies to try numerous items, which may take years to try normally, and is only possible due to the generosity of this forums donations.

Thank you!

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@Mbarn I can do Palmolive cream, TOBS sandalwood soap, and ahem, palmolive stick. I hava a few. and i will search for other stuff. all will be sealed as bought. how do i go about sending