Welcome. I never thought I’d look forward to the next time I could shave. It’s gone from being a chore creating huge waste to being a pleasurable hobby. I haven’t saved any money though. Today I bought two Soviet Russian razors. Lord knows what they’ll be like. It’s all part of the fun.
North London
I originally branched into DE shaving as I hated foam/gel in a can mainly, also to try to stop using landfill razors but then fell into the rabbit hole. As odd as it might sound, and for the best part of the time falling into the wet shaving rabbit hole is a very enjoyable one; aside from enjoying the many different options/ the journey to discover them, the skin on my face is blemish and ingrown free, which it wasn't before I discovered the hobby.

So welcome to the forum @HenryC and I wish you well for the DE/wet shaving journey.
I actually started as I'd left my electric razor at a gig (got it back eventually). I had a cart through the post. Found mantic59 while working out the best way to build a lather, and decided to try the DE over the expensive carts. It's now something to look forward to rather than a chore.
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