New to DE - Merkur Futur, 33C or EJ DB89?

Which is the best razor for me? (not generally)

  • Merkur Futur

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  • Merkur 33C

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  • Edwin Jagger DE89

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Hello Everyone,

I've pretty much decided to come towards the light and join the DE ranks. I'm fed up with the ridiculous price of cartridges and that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Before I ask about razors here's a little about my shaving....

I shave very rarely. I generally get a shave at the barbers every time I get my haircut approx 6 weeks. Because I find shaving such a chore I generally do it once myself in between (3 weeks). I'm mentioning this because I need something good enough to get rid of 3 weeks worth of facial hair, by that time it's a bit long and is a nightmare to shave with my gilette fusion.

What I hate about the fusion is that it gets clogged up every few strokes. furthermore it just takes forever to get rid of the facial hair. I've never really had problems with razor burn and I don't have particularly sensitive skin.

I don't mind paying good money for good products but I feel that I'm paying a small fortune for an inadequate product. If shaving was more enjoyable (or less of a chore....) I may do it more often!

So as I said I need something good. From initial research I've had a brief look at Merkur Futur, 33C and EJ DB89. I almost got the futur but then read someone saying they really wouldn't recommend it for a DE beginner. Do I really need an adjustable blade? I don't know. Is this purely for a close shave or would I need it to tackle 3 weeks worth of growth?

I don't need the closest shave in the world, I just want something that does a thorough job of cutting through my beard without too much fuss. for that matter is it more to do with the blades or does the razor make a big difference?

Sorry for the essay but I'm really keen to get opinions on which razor I should go for out of the 3. I'm not bothered about the price, just the best for my circumstance.

Thanks very much in advance and for taking the time to read (and hopefully reply!).
I've only got experience of the Edwin Jagger but it is a great razor. It was my first proper razor and one I still use regularly.

Someone who has experience of all those razors might be able to comment further.

For 3 weeks growth it might still get clogged up, but you never know, you might enjoy it that much you can't leave it for 3 weeks.

I've heard that open comb razors don't get clogged as much, might be worth a look?
If you plan to shave every 3 weeks, I'd recommend an open comb razor, say the Merkur 25C, maybe, or a Merkur 11C if you can find one. Once you start using that you'll be on daily shaves in no time :D:D
OK, I have a Futur, a 34C and and DE89, which is very nearly what you are looking at.

The 33C is a lightweight version of the 34C, and the 34C is a pretty mild razor. I would give this one a miss.

The DE89 is the classic beginners razor. Mild enough to be easy to use, but with a slightly more aggressive edge than some of the other mild razors. Also a decent weight. Possible.

The Futur is a big heavy beast with a huge blade gap and an aggressive nature. This one should cut through anything and won't clog very quickly as there is loads of space between the blade and the safety bar. It's one of my favourite razors, and it's twice the price of the others. Do you need the adjustability? Doesn't do any harm, and gives you scope to tweak the performance, although it's always going to be aggressive. Not really a traditional entry point for DE shaving, but I wish I'd started out with one of these.

Another option (because you're not confused enough already, lol) is the Muele R41, which is another very aggressive razor. The most aggressive DE razor I believe. Might clog more quickly than the Futur, but it doesn't mess about slicing through whiskers. Very reasonably priced too. I love mine.

Or just go nuts and go with a single edge razor. That might be a bit of a big jump though.

If you were to really, really push me for a decision ... Futur.

Oh, get yourself a sample pack with half a dozen different types of blades too. And some shaving soap/cream, and a bowl/mug, and a brush, and an alum block ... ;)
To paraphrase Goldilocks - Merkur Futur, too hot. Merkur 33C, too cold. Edwin Jagger DE89, just right...:D

That said, all of your three choices would struggle with 3 week's growth. Once you get in to DE shaving, you'll find it won't be a chore but a most enjoyable experience and you'll want to shave every day.

In fact, there are those among us who'd love to be able to shave two or three times a day if they could...:cool:
Try any of the Merkur open comb razors


But given your chosen approach of letting the barber shave you every six weeks and shaving once between visits, why not just use an electric beard trimmer? You say you don't need a close shave, and most of the time you are in stubble beard territory, so the electric beard trimmer seems to be exactly what you need. Set it to 1mm or 0.5mm and off you go.

But then maybe you are hankering after a different grooming experience?

And maybe the opinion I express here will come in for serious criticism from other forum members.
Right here!
If you want to shave like that, forget any double edge razor and go for a vintage single edge, the Ever Ready 1912 in particular. It is easier to use than DE and will cleave six weeks of growth with no issues. If you want something more DE like, then a GEM Micromatic Clog Pruf is one of the best there ever was. These both take the GEM Personna Stainless Steel blade and neither are very aggressive. You literally put the flat edge against your face and tilt out until you feel the blade.
I used to go through a similar period as yourself but it was such a revelation when trying new methods and products that I now shave every couple of days as I get remarkable results. Shave is no longer a chore and the sense of satisfaction you'll have is immeasurable.

But failing all that, just stick to the electric clippers. Not enjoyable and someday you may feel that stubble look just doesn't fit anymore. If you haven't learned traditional methods by then, you'll most likely stick with cartridges. Quite frankly, I have seen the light and wouldn't touch an electric or a cartridge system ever again, regardless of cost or convenience.
Thanks so much for all the opinions guys. I'm really going to have to think this one through. Labarum, you may have just committed treason there mate ;-) but that was also a slight consideration somewhere in the back of my mind.

I'm going to read through some of the links provided to make sure I make an informed decision.

I'll keep you posted with my thoughts and any further opinions are of course welcome. Thanks again!
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